To Catch A Dick – An ode to sexual empowerment

London Hughes is the comedian we all need during lockdown. British Comedian London Hughes is taking the US by storm. Her debut Netflix special ‘To Catch A Dick’ is the feel-good, self-empowering stand-up show you need to watch. Having dominated the British comedy scene and a successful tour at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Hughes is now ready to spread her wings under Kevin Hart’s guidance … Continue reading To Catch A Dick – An ode to sexual empowerment

Rebooting Reboots

The film and television industry’s obsessive need to make reboots out of everything stunts creativity and originality. The industry is a business; artistry generates profit. Reboots give an excuse to guarantee commercial success overtaking a risk that might not pay off. The global COVID-19 pandemic has shaken how films and shows are made. The industry is still healing, making successful productions are vital in keeping … Continue reading Rebooting Reboots