Misogynoir: Special Treatment For Black Beauty

Misogynoir was first coined by black queer feminist Moya Bailey to address the specific misogyny black women are subjected to due to their race, female gender and sex. As black women do not experience misogyny on its own, there is often an undertone of racism as opposed to the misogyny experienced by other races. Misogynoir specifically targets black women and more often black women of … Continue reading Misogynoir: Special Treatment For Black Beauty

World Comedy Clash brings a united front

Kane Brown hosts a comedy palooza night at Hackney Empire like nothing before. With 9 comedians from 9 different countries, battling head-to-head on 1 stage to take the World Comedy Clash Crown. Being their first show since 2019, I knew the comedians would come out swinging. With a mixture of content spanning from racism to the infamous Oscar Slap, to growing up in a Caribbean … Continue reading World Comedy Clash brings a united front

To Catch A Dick – An ode to sexual empowerment

London Hughes is the comedian we all need during lockdown. British Comedian London Hughes is taking the US by storm. Her debut Netflix special ‘To Catch A Dick’ is the feel-good, self-empowering stand-up show you need to watch. Having dominated the British comedy scene and a successful tour at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Hughes is now ready to spread her wings under Kevin Hart’s guidance … Continue reading To Catch A Dick – An ode to sexual empowerment

Rebooting Reboots

The film and television industry’s obsessive need to make reboots out of everything stunts creativity and originality. The industry is a business; artistry generates profit. Reboots give an excuse to guarantee commercial success overtaking a risk that might not pay off. The global COVID-19 pandemic has shaken how films and shows are made. The industry is still healing, making successful productions are vital in keeping … Continue reading Rebooting Reboots

Michaela Coel as Arabella, I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You will leave you stronger than ever

How do you do pick up the pieces of your world when it has been shattered? In the pilot episode of Michaela Coel’s twelve-episode dramedy series ‘I May Destroy You’ which was written, produced, directed and starred in by Coel. We follow Arabella (Coel) a strong-willed millennial icon and Writer based in London, who is suffering from writer’s block. Arabella is struggling to meet her … Continue reading I May Destroy You will leave you stronger than ever

Rhythm Kitchen – Caribbean Culture on a plate

With any cuisine, there are always dishes that pinpoint the culture in one bite. Italy has pasta, Japan has Sushi and Mexico – tacos! So, it was no surprise that when I went to Rhythm Kitchen, a Caribbean restaurant. I set off on a quest for Oxtail and anything jerked. Sitting just a short distance from Walthamstow Central station on Hoe Street, Rhythm Kitchen was … Continue reading Rhythm Kitchen – Caribbean Culture on a plate

More than a #hashtag

In recent years, it is becoming more and more popular for online movements to start and make changes in society. Support is given just from a single tap or swipe but are we truly making a difference? Millennials and Generation Zers have witnessed how political activism on social media has turned into powerful social movements that have brought about change and legislation. Social movements like #blacklivesmatter … Continue reading More than a #hashtag


Autism on screen

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and TVBohemian is celebrating in televisual style. People who have Autism experience the world more uniquely than the average person, this affects how they interact in society. Autism is very common and affects an average of 1 in 100 people, symptoms may vary from person to person but social interaction and communication are at the heart of the developmental … Continue reading Autism on screen

Blow up Your TV!

TV Bohemian does AfroPunk London 2017! I had the pleasure of attending the second annual AfroPunk festival in London. This year, there were a variety of acts flying the AfroPunk flag. Corinne Bailey Rae, Danny Brown and Nao certainly left a mark in my memory, like with every treasure chest there is always one unforgettable gem. Willow Smith professionally known as Willow, shared the stage … Continue reading Blow up Your TV!