Misogynoir: Special Treatment For Black Beauty

Misogynoir was first coined by black queer feminist Moya Bailey to address the specific misogyny black women are subjected to due to their race, female gender and sex. As black women do not experience misogyny on its own, there is often an undertone of racism as opposed to the misogyny experienced by other races. Misogynoir specifically targets black women and more often black women of … Continue reading Misogynoir: Special Treatment For Black Beauty

More than a #hashtag

In recent years, it is becoming more and more popular for online movements to start and make changes in society. Support is given just from a single tap or swipe but are we truly making a difference? Millennials and Generation Zers have witnessed how political activism on social media has turned into powerful social movements that have brought about change and legislation. Social movements like #blacklivesmatter … Continue reading More than a #hashtag