Autism on screen

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and TVBohemian is celebrating in televisual style. People who have Autism experience the world more uniquely than the average person, this affects how they interact in society. Autism is very common and affects an average of 1 in 100 people, symptoms may vary from person to person but social interaction and communication are at the heart of the developmental difference.

It is their brilliant minds that make them strong characters for the screen. They are able to go beneath the surface and highlight what most people fear to say. Here are my top shows that have put Autism in the spotlight:

  1. Shaun Murphy (The Good Doctor)

The creators of ‘House’ have made a remake of the Korean medical drama ‘The Good Doctor’. Shaun Murphy has been diagnosed from childhood with Savant Syndrome – a form of Autism. Murphy is able to make medical breakthroughs whilst struggling to meet the social requirements and levels of empathy that are expected of a doctor. This show greatly examines the mind-field that is taken when working as a Surgeon with a developmental difference.

2. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

There has much debate on whether Sheldon Lee Cooper is Autistic and\or has Asperger’s Syndrome,  many of his traits have exemplified developmental learning differences but this could also be chalked down to his stereotypical geeky nature. Sheldon’s need to always sit in a specific seat and obsessively control the order of his life to the point of making others close to him sign a contract to maintain his status quo.

3. Julia (Sesame Street)

Julia is the newest character to join the Sesame Street ensemble. Symptoms of Autism are discussed in an educational manner rather than in a bias one, so that people of all ages can understand the realities of Autism.

Living with Autism is a battlefield but it can rewarding one with the right resources and support system anyone can conquer anything.







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